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1/1/2010 10:38:26 am

My dad was an animal lover - all kinds. He had a soft heart and when he saw an animal in need, he did what he could to help. On an late afternoon drive to his daughter's house in rural Arkansas, he saw a chicken on the side of the road. Concerned, he was going to pull over -but my mom advised against it. Dad reluctantly gave in, but said that if the chicken was still there on their way home, it was a sign that he should do something.

A couple of hours later, my dad was searching for the chicken -- sure enough, he spotted it! Delighted, he pulled over (my mom was laughing her head off as she waited in the car). Dad, a husky man with a heavy, European accent, scooped up the chicken in his big hands and tucked it under his arm. Dad scanned the area and saw a small home in the distance. He approached the house carefully as it was now approaching dusk. My dad rang the doorbell and explained (in his heavy accent) to the person on the other side of the screen door that he'd found their chicken and was returning it safely. Surprisingly, my dad was thanked for his efforts, and they accepted the chicken! When my dad returned to the car and updated my mom with how things played out, she laughed until she cried. She was convinced that the chicken had simply fallen off of a truck (NW Arkansas has tons of Tyson chicken farms) and that the homeowner was either confused, frightened - or both - and just took the chicken to appease my dad.

3/2/2010 11:07:56 am

Drop the Doll, Get the Treats!

My friend had a animal experience one time. She was at a football game (at her school) and she saw a dog limping behind the bleachers. It was going to cross the street, so she told her mom she'd be right back, and she got close. It barked and barked and she was brave, and got closer. By that time, the dog seemed like it had rabies. Her sister said stop! Then the dog ran across the street. My friend noticed that the dog had a little stuffed doll in it's mouth. So she pulled some treats out of her pocket and she said, "Girl come here. It's ok and the dog came not scaredd or anything! It dropped it's doll and ate the treat. While the dog was chewing, she found a tag on it's collar. Her mom called the number and the dog was saved. I call it a happy ever after! (By the way, the dog didn't have rabies)

5/21/2010 11:52:46 pm

I was at the zoo and they had a thing where you whood try to see if you can get to play with the penguins at the zoo and I entered it and in a month they called and I won! So I got to feed the penguins and everything! It was fun.
That is how I got addited to club penguin.

5/24/2010 10:50:44 am

Hey, thanks guys for the great comments! Sue, you have a great story. Chickens are just funny to begin with! And Hannah, your friend really knows how to handle dogs well!
Paintboy100, that's so cool how you got your love of Club Penguin from a real life experience, and now you're helping others make the best of their time on CP too.

11/28/2010 06:05:34 am

Well.. we had just gotten our new puppy. ( a West Highland Terrier ) and we were playing in the backyard. My sister was only about 6 or 7 at the time. Molly ( my sister ) was running around the yard with Buster ( our puppy ) chasing her. That day molly was wearing a skort. Buster grabbed on to the skort with his mouth and Molly started screaming and running even faster. Before my eyes molly's skort was pulled down in the middle of the yard. Molly quickly pulled up her skit and did not go in the dogs yard thet whole entire day. She over it now. She gets in there about every other day. Well thanks for letting me share and Have a good week!!!!


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